Apps that work with QuickBooks® Online can help you achieve that elusive work-life balance by saving you time. Many mundane, back-office tasks like payroll can be automated with apps, and when you connect an app with QuickBooks, you only have to enter data once. Here are the latest apps to help you grow your business.

  • RUN Powered by ADP – Save time with seamless two-way integration between payroll and QuickBooks Online.
  • LeanLaw – Legal timekeeping and billing app with two-way integration with QuickBooks. Real-time sync, total automation and deep data on profitability.
  • Katana – Production and inventory management for modern makers, crafters and small manufacturers that sell online.
  • Tradogram – Connect your purchasing to your accounting to gain 100 percent spend visibility and cut costs on average of 15 percent.
  • Inview – Bring your QuickBooks invoices and bills to your calendar.
  • Broadly – Attract new customers by looking your best online with great customer reviews on the most important platforms.

Our hard working developers update their apps frequently to make your life easier.  Check out this noteworthy update.

Veem, the global payments apps, has new offerings:

  • Veem Rewards – Earn money by paying and invoicing your business partners through Veem
  • Tariff Relief Program – If you’ve been affected by rising tariff costs, Veem will offer up to $1,000 toward your tariff bill if you send payments through their platform.
  • Magento Beta Program – If you use Magento for your business and are looking for a better way to get paid, trackable payments, and limitless transactions, ask us about our beta program at

View the complete list of QuickBooks apps at

To access Project Profitability, select Projects from the left navigation. If you don’t see that option, you’ll need to turn on Projects. I thought the best way to explain this was to link to a video that Woody Adams created.

You’ll see a consolidated list of your projects, as well as their profit margin.