Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Banner Text  “Smooth payroll process is the dream of every business owner.” – Business owner “Conducting payroll by hand is a painful in the best case and a nightmare in the worst case. “ – A Business Owner Save your precious time by hiring us for your payroll And Your payroll is done right! Our Payroll process includes :

  • Set up, process  payroll & file payroll taxes
  • No Error, accuracy guaranteed
  • Free US-based live support

For business owners, payroll is very complicated tasks. Getting done payroll in right manner is very challenging and essential key for business. It includes lot more complication when it comes to TDS & Taxation part. Nowadays, most of the business owner hiring payroll service companies to do their payroll.

The accounting experts know that it’s very time consuming task and business people don’t like it as it seems to non-productive to them. And, if you don’t have accounting background and not familiar with payroll tax laws, then it will be a nightmare for you. In that case a payroll service is your best alternative.

We, QuickBooksSupport.KS, provide payroll service for our clients and

  • Required Hours or Day Detail
      1. Enter Hours or Days Detail, we will process your payroll.
  • Payroll Tax calculation & Filing for you.
    1.  Our tech expert team will calculate the tax on your payroll and file it for you.

Complete Payroll Service Features

  • Setup, process payroll, and file payroll taxes for you
  • Calculating Paychecks & payroll taxes for each employee
  • Free direct deposit & year-end W-2s
  • Pay Taxes only when it’s required – Get rid of tax pre-payment
  • Strong Error Detection Technology – Sending Alerts when Error occured
  • Error Free Paychecks & Taxes, Guaranteed Accuracy
  • Live US-based Support by Tech Experts
  • W-2 employees hiring reports
  • Comfortable working with or without QuickBooks

There are following reasons that business owners prefer expertise of professional payroll service provider :

  • Save almost 40% time – Conducting Payroll manually by in house team is a time-consuming process. Most of the business owners saves almost 40% time just by outsourcing  their payroll process.
  • Save on Fixed Cost – The human resource associated with payroll is large part on Fixed cost of businesses. So, by outsourcing payroll process saves large fixed cost of your business.
  • Save Spent on IRS Penalties – Most of the Small businesses pay a lot on IRS Penalties but by outsourcing payroll, you save that money as they pay on your behalfs in any emergency.

Our Best Picks For

  • Best Payroll Service for Small Businesses Overall: Intuit
  • Best Payroll Service for Sole Proprietors or S Corporations: Gusto
  • Best Payroll Service for Very Small Businesses: OnPay
  • Best Payroll Service for Household Employees: SurePayroll

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